Slimbox 1.58 for MooTools 1.11 Demo

This version supports older browsers but is not compatible with quirks mode web pages and may not be compatible with most recent browsers. It is now obsolete.

Single images

Gilles at BarvauxGates gets a pie

Image set

These are pictures of the renovation of the Atomium here in Brussels.

Atomium in renovationAlpinists on the atomiumAlpinists on the topmost sphereAtomium sphere at nightNight view of the Atomium


You can change every parameter of Slimbox and make it work with any kind of link or element.
Below is an example of integration with Flickr links and custom options.

A nice bee.Flowers


This page is both large and tall, allowing you to test the horizontal and vertical scrolling while Slimbox is open.

You can also test Slimbox for MooTools 1.3 and Slimbox for MooTools 1.2.5.