cbs_live_search (improved)

This is a new efficient live search implementation providing a great user experience and written from scratch for Textpattern. It uses either the jQuery or MooTools javascript framework for Ajax and visual effects.


This simple plugin is basically equivalent to category_list, excepted that it is section-sensitive and only lists article categories with the article count next to the category.


Creates a custom navigation menu based on Textpattern sections and/or full external URL’s.

cbs_gravatar (updated)

This is a simple, clean plugin to display gravatars in comment forms. It doesn’t use any cache and provides access to all Gravatar options.


This plugin creates a list of links pointing to anchors present in heading titles in the body of an article, so the user can easily navigate through it. It must be used in an article form.

cbs_maintenance_mode (new)

This plugin is a modified version of rvm_maintenance. It allows you to take the entire public website offline for maintenance in a few clicks. Anyone attempting to access the public part of the website will then see in the default HTTP 503 Textpattern error template instead, including a custom message of your choice. A warning message will be shown in the admin interface as long as the website is in maintenance mode.

cbs_section_language (new)

This plugin allows you to globally override the default language of your Textpattern installation for some specific sections. You can use any installed language for any section, but you can only use one language per section.